Crafting With Cabochons: Project Ideas & Tips

Crafting with cabochons
Crafting doesn't always have to be complicated or time consuming.  That's why crafting with cabochons so fun. This versatile craft supply isn't well known outside of DIY jewelry though, so we thought we'd share some ways to use them to inspire other crafters to try something new. 
What are Cabochons? They are glass domed flat backs that  have a smooth beveled surface (think flattened marbles).  They come in lots of shapes and sizes, but the most versatile is the round 25mm (1 inch).  
There's almost every design style imaginable too.  

We carry a number of inspirational & faith design cabochons here at  Heavenly Fabric Shop. We've used a few of to showcase some project ideas:)  
How to use cabochons: They can be glued to almost anything thanks to the flat back side.  We recommend using E6000 glue with them since it's the strongest and dries clear and it'll hold extremely well.

What can you make with cabochons?
We did this DIY Inspirational Bookmarks tutorial using a few a while back.

These fabric bookmarks were embellished them with HTV.  We then glued the cabs directly onto the glitter heat transfer vinyl & they've held up great:
Jewelry: Using a setting is ideal if you want to do something wearable like jewelry.  This is the most popular use for them.  You'll need to get bezel settings for that, which found in the jewelry supply section at most craft stores.  Getting the right diameter is key though (it's got to fit inside the framed edge!).  
We used a basic thin edge silver one with a top loop to make this necklace.  We added a glass bead & silver leaf charm using a couple of jump rings and had an instantly pretty pendant:


You can also use simple stud posts to do earrings with the smaller cabochon sizes:

Keychains: Pair a thicker bezel setting with a key ring for a sweet keychain.
Another setting option is to use a decorative metal medallion.  These are lightweight, but add some extra flair to the center design.  Just glue the cab to the medallion and then glue that to whatever you want to decorate.  We carry this particular style in silver & antique bronze to fit our selection of 25mm rounds, but there many sizes, metal finishes and medallion designs out there to suit whatever cabochons you're using.

Magnets: Glue a magnet directly on the back of the cab (or after you've added a medallion) to make some handy magnets.  These made lovely functional and decorative Easter season additions:

Decorations: You can use other items to layer and add extra detail too.  We combined a St. Patrick cabochon with a silver cab medallion and a pre-cut wooden shamrock to make a fun dimensional St. Patrick's Day decoration:
Candles: Use a cabochon & medallion with grosgrain ribbon to wrap a candle for instant decorative swag:

Hair Accessories: Add some smaller sizes to bobby pins or barrettes or use them as hair bow centers:
Religious or special occasion items: Faith-based designs are also ideal for things like rosaries.  We made an Our Lady of Guadalupe themed rosary with a cabochon and some of our coordinating Our Lady of Guadalupe & Jesus on the Cross beads and Vintage Style Cross pendants.

Use other themed designs to make wedding, anniversary, birthday or baptism favors or gifts.  Dress up picture frames, artwork, keepsakes...the possibilities are endless.  So get some cabs, some glue & things to add them to and start some relaxing & rewarding cabochon crafting!    

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