DIY Inspirational Message Bookmarks

Make some beautiful bookmarks that are durable, easy to see and, most of all, inspiring! Using our Inspirational Message Bookmark Tutorial, it's easy to do. 


We were inspired to create them by our beautiful new ethereal angel glass cabochonsThey're so lovely and vibrant.



The colors were a perfect match to our Heavenly Sky fabric, so some heavenly themed bookmarks seemed ideal!



They also add a extra motivation to every read by having a glittery faith message too:



The beautiful glass cabochons add some special angelic detail,



 and makes sure they don't slip out of place.



This is an easy project and makes a beautiful handmade gift!




- Fat quarter cotton fabric Heaven Sent Heavenly Sky

- Ethereal Angel Glass cabochons & glue 

- Card stock or firm stabilizer 

- Heat transfer vinyl 

- Cricut or other cutting machine*

- Iron and/or Cricut Easy Press


* If you don't have a cutting machine you could print our files on paper and lay them over the heat transfer to cut them out by hand with an x-acto knife.


For each bookmark, cut two pieces of cotton fabric 3 inches wide by 9 inches high.  Also cut a piece of the card stock/stabilizer that's 1 3/4inches wide by 7 1/2 inches high.  



With right sides facing, stitch the fabric together on three sides with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Leave one short end open for turning.  Trim down the raw edges and turn right side out, poking out the corners with a knitting needle or chopstick.



Insert the card stock or stabilizer inside and fold raw edges of the open end inward and press.  I used a fusible stabilizer so it would all adhere together smoothly.  Top stitch all the way around.



To do the lettering, right click to save our file for these inspiring words & shapes:




Upload them to your cutting machine software and size so they are 1 inch high.  Mirror the image (since it's cut with the right side facing down) and cut out the heat transfer vinyl.



Weed all the material around and inside the letters:



Place a star shape on one end and then center the wording.  Adhere the HTV to the bookmark with an iron or Easy Press, following the HTV directions for time & temperature (since it can vary) pulling off the carrier sheet while still hot.  



Once cool, glue a cabochon onto the top with some glue.  We use E6000 since it's the strongest.  Let dry.



Now you have some beautiful, inspiring bookmarks to brighten the day!


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