Plush Noah's Ark Toy Set from a Fabric Panel

  Use our Noah's Ark Soft Toy Set fabric panel and some stuffing to make a wonderful plush toy play set.  It comes with a three-dimensional ark, Noah figure and nice assortment of animals.  The directions are printed right on the panel so you just cut, sew and stuff.

  It's also nice that the finished ark has pockets on both sides for a place to store all the figures and make play more fun.  

It makes a great handmade gift for little ones for shower gifts, birthdays, baptisms or everyday.  And is especially good if you are short on crafting time. 

 It's very easy to put together. Cutting out all the pieces is straightforward.  No need to pre-wash it, as you don't want it to shrink or distort the pieces before sewing together (hand or delicate machine washing when done works fine).  The seam allowance is included in each piece.  The next step is hemming the ark pocket pieces by folding, pressing and then stitching the top edges to the wrong side:

These get basted to the ark side pieces along the sides & bottom.  There are markings to make matching them up easy:

Then the top edges of the ark sides are pinned & stitched together, starting & stopping where the pocket edges are:

The bottom gusset piece gets added there to give the dimension for the ark:

There are markings at the bottom to show where to leave a gap for turning:

All the seam allowances should get trimmed down and clipped near the curves.  Using pinking shears makes this easy to do in one step:

After turning right side out, it's time to stuff with fill (we used polyfill).  It's key to stuff with small amounts at a time and really pushing into the curves and corners to give it a good shape.  Use a pencil or knitting needle to push into smaller areas, if needed. 

The figures are easy to do - stitching right along their printed designs gives a nice smooth finish when turned right side out & are stuffed and trimmed just like the ark:

The gaps get pinned & slip stitched closed by hand:

It's easy enough for a beginner and very quick if you already have sewing experience.  We used some of our Multi Sky Cloud fabric & some blue velour to make a fun playscape back drop too:

It's sure to be a hit with the little folks!  Get yours here.

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