No Sew Fleece Shawl Tutorial

 Here's an easy project that gives you a cozy shawl in just minutes - with no sewing required!  It makes a great gift for these chilly winter days.  Cuddly anti-pill fleece makes it simple to put together and oh-so-soft.  


Pull through knots are easier than traditional tying and give a smooth fringe finish:

Add a belt and it's chic looking too. 




By using a Faith-themed fabric, it's the perfect prayer shawl:



You could also use one of our heavenly soft Minky Fabrics, as any wide, no-fray fabric will work, but note that minky does shed when cut, so have a vacuum on standby and remove any excess fluff in the dryer for that option.  


Now, here's how to make one!


- 1.5 yds Fleece Fabric or Minky (we used
Christian Prayer Anti-pill Fleece)*
- Yard stick
- Rotary cutter/sharp shears
Finished size = 72in wide by 36in long
Fold fabric with selvages together.  Trim lengthwise to be 54 inches in width (27 when folded).  Fold fabric in half diagonally, with wrong sides facing in, to form a triangle.  
*If using a directional print, you can make a somewhat smaller width shawl (finished size = 56in wide by 36in long), which is still plenty wide.  Just start with 2yds like our Love and Faith Cross Fleece
After cutting it to be 60 inches wide, fold fabric in half, from top to bottom, then cut diagonally toward the center of the bottom as shown instead.  The remaining steps are the same for both. 

Measure two inches inward from each corner point and cut as shown.  Cut a 4in x 4in square out of the right angle corner.   

Lay a yard stick along each of the raw edge sides and cut strips that are 1.5in wide and 4 inches high, cutting through both fabric layers.

Down the middle of each strip pair cut a 1 inch long slit from the 3-4 inch mark:


Take each pair and bring it upward and push through the opening and pull downward:




This creates the flipped "knot".  




  Repeat on all remaining strip pairs.



 Now get cozy and enjoy your new shawl!


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