Nativity Knit Fabric Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Make a quick & easy Christmas scarf using just a 1/2 yard of fabric!  This beautiful Nativity Knit fabric is ideal for it too - the Christmas script messages and sweet imagery perfectly capture the season.

 - 1/2 yard Nativity Christmas Knit fabric (at least 58 inches wide)
 - Yard stick, rotary cutter/shears, lots of pins, ball point needle, hand sewing needle

With right sides facing, bring together the long sides and pin all the way across, then stitch with a 3/8 inch seam allowance.

The fabric will now be a long tube.  Reach inside to one short open end and carefully pull it inside to reach the opposite end and match up seam and raw edges.  Pin.

Stitch ends together all the way around, but leave a 2 inch gap for turning.

Pull scarf right side out through the gap and it will now be a large circle.  Pin edges of gap opening together and hand stitch closed.

Wrap scarf in a figure eight and add to any outfit for some instant Christmastime apparel!

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