FREE Christmas Stocking Pattern & Tutorial




Make a classic Christmas stocking that can be used year after year - and by choosing a faith-themed fabric, it adds more of the Christ in Christmas message!

Using our tutorial you can even choose to personalize it with machine or hand embroidery or heat transfer:


It has a full sized body that holds its shape well, even when filled.  Plus the added bonus of beautiful Nativity images, like these prints from the Oh Holy Night metallic collection, make it festive & faith-filled.


Adding a plush cuff makes it feel elegant too.



- Our FREE Christmas Stocking Pattern download HERE
- 1/2 yd cotton Christmas Fabric (We used Oh Holy Night Nativity Mulberry & Manger Linen)
- 1/4yd fleece or minky

- 1/2 yd fusible fleece or batting

- 8 inch strip of double fold bias tape or ric-rac
- Heavy duty needle
Optional - if machine embroidering: cutaway & water soluble stabilizers

Finished size: 10in wide by 17in high


Download the pattern and print at 100% scale. Measure the printout against the 1 inch sets box to confirm sizing is correct. Cut out all 3 pieces and tape together at tops & bottoms as indicated.

While fabric is folded, cut two pairs of stockings for outside and lining and one from the batting.


Affix fusible fleece or batting onto the wrong side of the inner stocking pieces. Fusible fleece can be ironed on, if using batting, add some spray adhesive to hold it in place.



Place stocking pairs together, right sides facing and pin around sides.



Stitch with a 3/8 inch seam allowance on the outer and a 1/2 inch seam allowance on the lining stocking. Clip or pinking cut around the curves, close to the seam, to make them easier to turn. 




Turn outer stocking right side out and press. Insert lining stocking into outer and baste together along the top. 



Now we'll switch to making the cuff.
Cut a 9 inch high x 17 inch wide rectangle from the fleece/minky for the cuff. If machine embroidering a name, cut a piece of cutaway and water soluble stabilizers each in the same size. Hoop the cutaway under the fabric and float the water soluble on top with some spray adhesive to hold it in place. The top left quadrant of the fabric is where the name will be.

Mark center based on size of lettering and embroider the name on. Peel away the top stabilizer and cut the excess away from the back. Hand embroidery or heat transfer are other options for personalizing.



To make the cuff, fold fleece with right sides facing short ends together. Stitch with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Bring raw edges together with the name side facing out and baste together.


Insert stocking into cuff.  With raw edges of cuff and stocking facing, match up side seams and pin through all layers. Stitch together.


Fold the raw edge downward and top stitch all the way around.  Fold cuff down on the outside, just shy of the seam. If using bias tape, stitch open side closed. Fold bias tape/ric-rac in half and stitch it to the inside of the stocking cuff by the seam.




Now the stocking is ready to hung by the chimney and wait for Santa to fill it!

Merry Christmas!


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