Faith Themed & Candy-Free Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Easter is a special holiday, but it can be tough to put together Easter baskets or egg hunt items that are candy free or meaningful to the holiday these days.   
So what are some options when you want more than just sugary treats and cheap plastic bunnies?  

We're sharing items & DIY ideas to create your own authentic, faith-based Easter. 

Put some cross beads and elastic cord into those plastic eggs to make some fun bracelet or necklace craft kits:

Books are perfect for all ages, especially those with prayers & Bibles stories.  

Make a DIY Silly Putty egg by mixing 2tbl glue mixed with 2 tbl starch and a few drops of food coloring. Knead well to get it nice & thick and putting into a plastic egg.

Faith themed stickers like these puffy crosses are easy to tuck inside eggs or add them as decorations on eggs, candles or other items:

Make things egg-stra cute on the outside with some saints & animals egg wrappers.  Just slip them on to real or decorative eggs and shrink with boiling water or a hair dryer to give them some heavenly decoration. 

Fun bandages are another great egg or basket filler.  These have healing themed scripture verses:

Adorable rubber religious charms are ideal Easter goodies for the kids.  They're fun to add to zipper pulls, keychains, necklaces and lanyards so they get loved all year round.  
Jesus, angels, Old Testament Bible characters like Noah & David, plus loads of Mary devotionals and favorite saints mean there's something for everyone.  And they're perfectly sized for all sorts of eggs!

Create stress ball style eggs to busy the bigger kids:

Take a balloon and fill with 1/2 cup of sand or cornstarch using a funnel.  Carefully squeeze out any air and knot closed.

For the babies, there are silicone cross teethers, which are perfect gifts for baby's first Easter, in vibrant and pastel colors:

Dolls & figurines are kid pleasers that last long after the holiday.  Like these Jesus on the Cross and Christ & child mini statues & sweet little saint dolls. The dolls are even baby-safe!  Both also make great Easter table decorations.  

All are great ways to make Easter memorable and remember the true reason we celebrate!

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