DIY St. Patrick's Day Hair Band Tutorial


Today we're sharing a super simple project for St. Patrick's Day: a DIY Hair Ribbon Band.


This easy project is perfect because it can be worn year after year and is as decorative as it is useful.



And it only takes a little time to put together.




- Assorted ribbons

- St. Patrick's Day Celtic Creations Buttons Set

- Hair elastic

- Lighter, hot glue gun, scissors, ruler



Cut several ribbons to be around 11 inches.  They didn't need to be exact since staggering them looks better:



Run the cut edges under a lighter to heat seal them to prevent fraying.  We used the open shamrock charms with the thinnest ribbon and looped the ends around them and then put a dab of hot glue to hold them:



To keep the shamrock buttons facing up (instead of turning sideways), pull the ribbon upward and put a little more glue between the loop and the button back to keep it straight.



We layered them together and pinched in the center.  To attach them to the hair band, wrap a one inch piece of the widest ribbon around the center of the ribbon pile and the hair elastic, rolling it up and leaving a little tail:



Trim down the tail, heat seal it and dab a line of glue before rolling it closed:



Then glue on the Happy Saint Patrick's Day button over the seam and the hair band is good to go:



Place in hair and now there's a hint o' St. Patrick's Day wherever you go!


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