DIY Fabric Panel Wall Art

Our Easy DIY Fabric Panel Wall Art tutorial is an simple & long-lasting way to take a favorite fabric panel and turn it into home decor for any space.
This Grateful Cotton Blossom fabric panel is just perfect for decorating with -  its pretty cotton blossoms, weathered ship lap background and combination of relaxing colors are ideal.

This particular panel also has a charming the photo-realistic burlap bow on the wreath.  All the look of a real bow, but won't get dusty hanging on the wall!
It's the perfect way to add a splash of color and home-y-ness to any space.

- Fabric panel (Grateful Cotton Blossom is available here)
- Blank canvas (for a 24"x44" panel use 22"x28" canvas)*
- Iron
- Staple gun
- Picture hanging materials

* Make sure the fabric panel will wrap around to the back of the canvas - having at least 2 inches of play from the canvas dimensions is ideal.

Start with a fabric panel and blank canvas.  Iron the panel smooth to get it as wrinkle-free and flat as possible.  No need to prewash.

Wrap the panel over the canvas until you get the spacing you like and it's nice & straight.  The wreath on this one makes it easy to center:

To keep things from shifting out of place while stapling, or when flipping the canvas over, use small clips on the sides and remove as you go.  This is key when you have horizontal stripes like this:

Flip the canvas over onto a solid flat surface.  The floor is ideal to get right up over it for good leverage with the staple gun.  Pull the fabric taut against the canvas frame and, if possible, fold the raw edges under (but as it's the back that no one will see, it's not necessary).   Working from the center out towards the corners, begin stapling every few inches.  

Once you've reached the corners fold the excess fabric on an pulled one side down and then fold over the other and staple on an angle:

To keep it easy just folded them under and stapled them in place.

Nail a sawtooth picture hanger on the back and hang up.  Use any of our beautiful fabric panels to make stunning art in no time.  It's a great way to enjoy a favorite fabric panel every day:)

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  • It is a beautiful panel! I just ordered mine and I am beyond excited waiting to receive it. I ordered another panel as well so I can’t wait to see how they will look on my walls. Thank You. Blessings to you all.


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