Christ in Christmas Message Ornaments Tutorial

Bring your favorite messages of Christ and Scripture to the Christmas tree with some
easy-sew fabric Christmas ornaments!

 We've paired our exclusive Inspired Words of Faith charm square panel with
some coordinating Christmas fabrics to make plush ornaments that are pretty
and also share the Word with everyone who looks at the Christmas tree. 
Some baby Jesus in the manger fabric is ideal for the Y'all Need Jesus square!

This starry gold metallic Nativity print is perfect with this Matthew 5:16 square.


Since they don't use much fabric, it's a great way to use up scraps, or pick a few coordinating 1/2 yd cuts to do a specific color scheme or style to decorate the entire tree.  Each of our charm square panels
features 12 different squares for a full set of ornaments. 

They also make beautiful gift toppers and are excellent for homes with little ones and pets
- since they're non-breakable!



 - Charm square panel.  We used our exclusive Inspired Words of Faith panel.

- 1/2 yard cuts of various Christmas/Nativity fabrics.  We used Nativity Mulberry, Manger Linen and Star Scatter Linen from the Oh Holy Night Collection.

- Fusible stabilizer (medium weight)

- Poly-fill

- Ric-rac or ribbon

- Knitting needle, pencil or chop stick for turning

- Pins and hand sewing needle

- Ruler/yardstick 

Cut apart the charm squares from the panel along the cut lines (so they are 4.5 inches square)and cut 4 inch squares for each of them from the stabilizer.

Cut pairs of 6 inch squares from the print fabrics.

With an iron, fuse the stabilizer squares to the centers of the wrong sides of the charm squares,

leaving 1/4 inch of fabric showing on each side.


Fold sides over towards the center and press. 


Center charm squares on front squares of fabrics and pin into place.


Top stitch message square in place.


Cut a 5 inch long piece of ric-rac, fold in half and baste to center top of each front piece.


With right sides together, pin and stitch ornament backs to the fronts, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance

and leaving a 2 inch gap along the bottom for turning.



Clip corners to remove bulk.


Turn ornaments right side out, using a knitting needle or pencil to carefully push out corners.  Press flat.


Stuff with poly-fill using same instrument to push into corners and hand stitch opening closed.

Add them to the tree and enjoy the Word for Christmas!


  • Hi Kathleen. The messages used here come as our Inspired Words of Faith panel and are sold that way – no kit purchasing required! See it and all our other mini panels here:

    Heavenly Fabric Shop
  • Can I buy more of just the inspirational messages, i.e. Mug Mats sayings without buying the whole kit?

    Kathleen Martell

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